No more cantinas

Monday, July 03, 2006

The last day, last minute, last breath

Well, as it happens my friend passed away. Lung cancer is that way. Whether you are lucky and extend your life a little more than most cancer patients, the final is set in stone. In his last months, doctors mentioned that some of their patients -a very small group- had been under some experimental drugs for years but also said that very few people interacted positively to these chemicals. Whether they were telling him the truth or not, his extended survival lasted almost 10 month. Perhaps, a little more than average.

His wife, close circle of friends and myself, made sure he enjoyed as much as possible each minute left. But one must argue if this is entirely possible having a knife hanging over one's head. In one of my last trips to visit him he asked me specially if I could recommend some online hardcore material for he was having trouble having erections. It was funny he joked about captain stabbin (I have seen that site a few times) but the three of us went online and quickly found a couple of sites that were promising to their taste. I admit I was a bit uncomfortable but I could also see the big picture and felt more sympathetic and compassionate than anything else. In the end, they decided for a lesbian site named 'pink is beautiful' -an all erotic lesbian videos site- and i went downstairs to relax and watch TV. I am not sure why, but the whole thing made me a bit depressed... Next morning we ran some errands, including a visit to the immigration building and that afternoon I left Boston.

This was the last time I saw him alive. A few weeks later his wife notified me about his final moments and I took one more plane to spend time with him, saying goodbye. F you will be sorely missed!! Thank you for making me laugh so much while we were together. Wherever you are don't worry about your daughter. Vero will take good care of her.