No more cantinas

Saturday, March 04, 2006

All is ready all is done

Have you ever considered what would you do is you were told you only had another 30 days to live? This happened to a friend of mine last week who was just informed he had an advanced lung cancer. As if it had been me the one diagnosed with the disease I went into a tailspin of thoughts trying to imagine how would it feel dying, how should I use the time left and more importantly, how should I satisfy my all desires before time was over. Needless to say, only after a few moments my heart knocked on the door of my conciousness to remind me that the only real thing I will be leaving behind -to my great dismay- would be love in all its forms.

I am visiting with my dear buddy next week and will have an opportunity to check what goes on in his mind and how is he taking it. We will be playing basas (I always win), watch some movies and for sure read some online stories, from one of his favorite sites. I will also be spending time with him covering all the necessary material for his next citizenship examination, coming in 2 weeks. And yes, there will be the starbucks caramel lattes and the Dominos super cheeze he likes so much...

When I think on him I sometimes cry. My excercise was just a mimic of what he is really living minute by minute. Mine was just an unintended exploration of ones darker side, but helpful nonetheless. It helped me understand what he is going through. As well as his inner circle. In all actuality, what this exercise really did was to make me conscious that there are things that I will never be able to understand...

On my next post, after I come back from Boston, I will publish more thoughts and some pictures of us together.